Lea Bridge Library Open Theater  

A site-specific sculpture taking the form of an open theater. The structure would become a generous space where spontaneous performances as well as planned theater plays and storytelling activities could take place. It would encourage imaginative reading and it would invite to be used freely, in a wide variety of ways. The walls of the structure would be created out of semi-transparent Perspex (creating the translucent effect of white sheets for shadow-theater). Thus, any person walking through it would spontaneously created an interplay of shadows. This will invite to playful improvisations from the library visitors. It would also inspire more structured, planned performances (including, if needed, projections, shadow theater, puppetry or theater plays). The structure will include elements for attaching curtains/lights and it will be possible to attach temporary structures to modify the walls and create smaller studios/reading spaces.

The piece is based on the interplay of active architectural curves –suggesting the shape the medieval and ancient round theater structures. The walls will contain, from place to place, fragments of frescoes created through workshops with the local community, the local schools or the  library visitors. The fragments will give an ambiguous aspect to the structure, making it seem like a reconstructed fragment of a old building and inviting imaginary readings. The frescoes created during workshop will include animal imagery based on medieval Bestiary ( such as the Bodleian Library Bestiary, which has been consulted for creating images for this proposal and other related books found in the library).  The structure models were created by Emanuela Marcu and the sketches by Bea Banfi

IMG_0438-mod-sm IMG_0485-mod-sm IMG_0497-mod-sm fragments the tree of here WP_20171008_008 WP_20171008_009 WP_20171005_001 IMG-20171005-WA0006

Abbotts Park Sculptures


A series of three sets of unique, sculptural tables and chairs that would replace the existing ones and create an imaginative, playful space, connecting it to the nearby play spaces and inviting families to relax, tell stories or play games. The structures shift in use and can be seen as either sculptures, furniture or toys. They are intended to trigger the imagination and suggest stories, characters and natural elements connected to the space. Each bench and table will be painted with vegetal elements inspired by plants that usually grow freely by train tracks, similar to the ones nearby. Thus, a symbiosis will be created between the sculptures and the imagery painted, a balance will be reached between the sculptural element and he painterly one.  The structures have a wavy appearance, suggesting the movement of leaves, an element that has been explored previously in the artists’ work, a “tree of life” which will give a sense of connection to the surrounding space. The sculptural structures will be changed and transformed mainly through painting.  They refer to the  site-specific ephemeral installation ‘The Tree of Here’, created for the Islington Arts Factory in London in which research into the symbolism of the tree of life and the artistic intervention in an inhabited architectural space (through poetic structures and painting) were explored. The current proposal constitutes a continuation of our research in this field and will refer specifically to the trees adjacent to the sculptural structures in Abbotts Park. (The structure models were created by Emanuela Marcu and the sketches by Bea Banfi

IMG_0405-mod-sm IMG_0421-mod-sm IMG_0433-mod-sm plants skechtes b WP_20171006_004WP_20171008_004-mod-sm-sm WP_20171008_003 plants and railway plants sketches WP_20171006_002 WP_20171006_003 abbotts park bench abbotts park additional structures budleia plants and railway